Designed and Built By Educators

Our Story Began In a Classroom

Levered Learning was founded by Mitch Slater, a veteran teacher on a mission to deliver more effective instructional tools to teachers, students and parents. Rather than approaching technology as an added layer to an existing curriculum, Levered was built as a complete, technology-enabled instructional system from the ground up. The result is a powerful teaching tool that allows teachers to focus on what matters most: their students.

Mitch Slater Mitch Slater
Joshua Bradley Joshua Bradley
Dr. Lara Triona, Ph.D. Dr. Lara Triona, Ph.D.
VP of Learning Sciences
Mike Missiaen Mike Missiaen
VP of Teacher Training
Amy McHugh Amy McHugh
Director of Customer Success
Isaí Baltézar Alcazar Isaí Baltézar Alcazar
Impact Coordinator
Oscar Norsworthy Oscar Norsworthy
Growth & Partnership Manager
Heather Novitski Heather Novitski
Curriculum Designer
Amy Jivani Amy Jivani
Curriculum Development Specialist
Lee Watson Lee Watson
Curriculum Development Specialist