Growth for all comes from the right mix of challenge & support.

All means all.

English Learners get extra support through SDAIE aligned, context-rich instruction and interactive GLAD® aligned word walls to support language development.

For Students with Disabilities, adaptive pacing accommodates a wide range of learning styles, while Resource Specialist Program teachers seamlessly support student progress through the core curriculum.

Looking at Subgroup Growth

ELs in Chula Vista ESD showed over 250% of the CA avg. for growth in their subgroup, and ended the school year with higher scores than the statewide avg. for English Only students. Economically Disadvantaged Latino students showed 2x growth for their subgroup.

English Learner Growth

Multilingual students showed substantially higher growth, with 37% of students meeting or exceeded standards, over double the California state average.

Students with Disabilities growth

Levered student growth in this subgroup was 175% of the CA avg. at our original partner school in CVESD. RSP teachers have the ability to provide extra support, helping students move forward in the same standards based lessons they are working through in the mainstream classroom.

Next-level blended learning

The Levered Way

  • Competency-based adaptive online curriculum
  • Whole class & group instruction
  • Data-driven intervention (Tiers I and II)
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring support

Levered covers every Common Core standard with each activity of the competency-based personalized curriculum. Levered’s pedagogical approach incorporates principles from the theory of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), which grounds conceptual development in real-world contexts.

Collaborate & Communicate

Levered facilitates collaborative work and student to student interaction as a critical part of each daily lesson. Every session opens with a whole-class math talk, selected by the teacher using real-time data indicating where students are struggling. Integrated peer tutoring and group activities provide further opportunities for one to one and small group discussions and collaboration.

Staying connected

Levered’s in-dashboard notifications on student progress promote a stronger teacher-student connection, as does the structure of Teacher Check-in points incorporated throughout the online curriculum.

Check-in conversations allow students to have input in shaping their path through the curriculum and provide opportunities to discuss and adjust the student’s pass score at regular intervals.

Committed to Research & Learning Sciences

Continual Learning

Levered aims to engage and excite the diversity of learners in student-centered classrooms by applying best practices from the Learning Sciences. We rely on our school and teacher partnerships, and pilot program to provide ongoing feedback as we develop additional units and curriculum components in an effort to continue to meet the needs of their students.

Development Through Pilots

We started with the latest Learning Sciences recommendations in developing Levered. Concurrently, we piloted our 4th-grade curriculum for three years to ensure we reach, support, and enrich the full range of students. Levered students learn extensively, especially economically disadvantaged and students who are multilingual learners, and retain their learning as they move to the next grade.

Supporting Teachers

We are strategic in how we use data to empower teachers to make decisions about their students. The Levered dashboard facilitates planned check-ins, whole class openers, interventions, and peer-to-peer support all from real-time data of where students are struggling.

Our Partnerships in Math Equity